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To provide the best solution to our customers, we work with a range of trusted affiliates, from owner operators to nationwide motor-carriers, to create a customized plan that works with your company. Our aim is to balance inbound and outbound businesses to maximize cost savings and offer our customers the lowest rates. We emphasize safety and consistent performance to guarantee quality service to our customers. Additionally, our account managers will be on hand to trouble shoot any problems that can possibly occur.

We currently handle around 28,000 shipments annually.

Truck Car Park
A Crane Lifting a Container
Port Drayage


We have dedicated port drayage motor carriers in major port areas and have flexible capacity through our brokerage services. We excel in matching export and import moves to deliver the best service to our customers.



We have a dedicated HAZMAT certified motor carrier in Illinois and California to provide a viable logistic solution. Our service to you will also prioritize safety and efficiency.

Route Planning
Regional Routes


We have operations in every state and in select locations in Canada making us uniquely equipped to handle both cross-state and cross-border routes.

Our Regular Customers

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